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Learn how to improve your business and security in six minutes!

Highroad Consulting CEO Testimonial

  • Multiview Surveillance

    Eyeson consultants’ expertize in business operations allows us to deliver full accountability through a system design focused on your business management and security needs.

  • Virtual Manager

    EyesOn transforms your camera infrastructure into a Virtual Manager that watches your business 24/7 letting you know when something needs your attention.

  • Packages

    EyesOn special packages are designed to provide the benefits of video based security and business intelligence in simple to deploy, affordable, and easy to use format. 100% accountability, positive team culture, and the watchful eyes of management will be present all the time in your stores.

  • Services

    A system without proper service will not perform for you at its best.

    EyesOn pairs its revolutionary technology with service excellence.

    System Design

    Our services start way before a system is installed. Our business improvement consultants work with you as an advisor. Because we understand your business and how technology will be used to improve it, we are able to design solutions that fit your business and life goals.

  • @Ease Complete Care

    This comprehensive support plan is designed to provide you with key service features geared to optimize the usage of your eyeson system at the minimum cost. Do the math…

    Advance Replacement

    In the event that any piece of hardware fails to operate, for example: DVR or Camera, a replacement loaner item will be provided to you for your use until your repaired item is returned. Only shipping charges, onsite technician service call, and repairs not covered under warranty, flood, lightning, etc… will be billed. (Rental of Server without @ease is charged at the rate of US$50.00 per week, minimum 2 wks, plus shipping & handling.)

  • Central Monitoring Services

    Tired of going down to the store to check on a false alarm?

    Are you paying for unnecessary police visits to your stores?

    Eyeson gives you the peace-of-mind that your stores will be properly monitored in real time, and the police will not be dispatched unnecessarily.

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