Our mission is to help entrepreneurs, corporations, and their people reach their life goals in a very positive way, living safely and peacefully to enjoy the benefits of their success.

We are in the business of helping people enjoy their success and the perks life brings as a result of hard work. We do that by instilling three cultural changes in our clients’ businesses, promoting an environment of:

  • 100% full accountability;
  • Growth through positive competition between staff and stores;
  • Positive presence of upper management is felt in all locations at all times.

We bring about peace-of-mind to the business environment, allowing managers, executives, and owners to focus on what they should do best: growing the business.

Company History

EyesOn started beta testing a video based management tool for the jewelry business in 2001. After a few dozen successful implementations and improvement in the product, EyesOn was launched in the marked in 2004 as a provider of video management and security solutions primarily to the jewelry industry.

Since then, EyesOn has expanded to various industries including jewelry, pawnshops, finance, clothing retail, hospitality (QSR, full-dining, clubs, hotels), gas stations, property management, government, and others.

We have systems deployed in fifteen countries with concentration in the Americas.

In all these years working with business owners and executive teams of various industries, we noticed on characteristic common to all our clients: no one has time to watch video footage. With that in mind, we used our extensive knowledge of video technology and business management to create a system that would watch the operations for management. In 2013, the EyesOn Virtual

Manager was launched to keep an eye on the business for management, letting them know when there is something important to pay attention to and take action in real time.

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