EyesOn improves the quality, accuracy, and speed of services provided to citizens in government facilities of all government branches.
Monitor common areas, perimeters, parking lot, and more. EyesOn will help you reduce maintenance costs and elevate the security in the facility.

EyesOn is registered with the U.S. Government to provide security solutions.

EyesOn provides full security management for government facilities, including:

  • Real time surveillance and remote monitoring
  • Loitering and graffiti detection
  • Access control
  • Guardhouse monitoring
  • Burglar alarm events linked to video footage
  • Parcel management with shipping barcode integrated to video.

Loss Prevention

Keep track of assets, vehicles, equipment, and supplies. Eyeson consultants assist management in creating a culture of 100% accountability and consistency in all properties at all times.

Virtual Manager

Eyeson software behaves as a virtual manager, collecting data from your facility traffic, visitor management software, staff, and devices such as barcode scanners, RFID, alarm sensors and more. This data is mined to identify specific events that management needs to know about in order to improve operations on the fly. Events are delivered to management through SMS or emails, and the footage corresponding to each alert can be reviewed in seconds for accurate decision making.

Some of the alerts and/or reports we deliver:

  • Guardhouse abandoned;
  • Unattended person at information desk;
  • Doors left open (or open too often);
  • Line at information desk or service windows too long;
  • High Occupancy in waiting rooms;
  • Click and share data and images in seconds.
  • Deliver visual training and coaching the easy way.

CLICK HERE if you know of something you would like to be alerted about your facility and it is not listed above. Our engineers are always ready for a new challenge and will work with you to deliver what you need.


EyesOn consultants are seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge of facility management and security. When purchasing an EyesOn system, you are getting more than equipment and software. You will count on a dedicated team of highly skilled professional with the mission of implementing in your business a culture of positive management presence and staff performance with full accountability.

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