EyesOn improves operations and security performance for all hotel operators by providing a culture of full accountability and positive teamwork, where management always knows what is going on in all properties in real time.
With EyesOn, management presence is felt in all hotels at all times in a very positive manner, boosting staff performance, morale, and the experience of guests.

EyesOn helps you manage all areas of your properties:

  • Front desk
  • Valet
  • Bell Captain
  • Restaurants
  • Convenience / Gift Shops
  • Bars
  • Gym and Spa

Loss Prevention

A well run operation is a safe operation. There is nothing better management can do to reduce losses than making sure staff is fully engaged and consistently following procedures. With EyesOn, management has always the pulse of the business at their fingertips, and the ability to find out EXACTLY how staff is performing and what they are doing at all times. Eyeson consultants assist management in creating a culture of 100% accountability and consistency in all stores at all times.

Virtual Manager

Eyeson software behaves as a virtual manager, collecting data from your gift stores traffic, POS transactions, staff, and business devices such as scales, barcode scanners, RFID, alarm sensors and more. This data is mined to identify specific events that management needs to know about in order to improve operations on the fly. Events are delivered to management through SMS or emails, and the footage corresponding to each alert can be reviewed in seconds for accurate decision making.

Some of the alerts and/or reports we deliver:

  • Suspicious refunds, no sales, voids, discounts, exchanges at the POS;
  • Unattended customers;
  • Safe, freezer,back door left open (or open too often);
  • Line at check in / out too long;
  • Staff Overwhelmed - Unusual high store or department traffic;
  • High Occupancy in Conference and Ballrooms – avoid problems with the fire marshals;

CLICK HERE if you know of something you would like to be alerted about your business and it is not listed above. Our engineers are always ready for a new challenge and will work with you to deliver what you need.

EyesOn Dashboard

Management always has the pulse of their operations and the ability to compare hotels performances with EyesOn Dashboard reviewing valuable reports in a graphical interface:

  • Business snap shot,
  • Conversion rates for gift shops,
  • average hourly traffic,
  • average hourly occupancy (coming soon),
  • datamining,
  • Key Performance Indicators.
  • Click and share data and images in seconds.
  • Deliver visual training and coaching the easy way.

Derive accurate analysis of the effectiveness of menus, marketing campaigns, staffing, and location.
Historical data is also available so that current performance is compared to previous periods, giving management a real sense of what the current numbers represent.


EyesOn consultants are seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge of hospitality management and security. When purchasing an EyesOn system, you are getting more than equipment and software. You will count on a dedicated team of highly skilled professional with the mission of implementing in your business a culture of positive management presence and staff performance with full accountability.

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