The cooperation with strategic partners is a key ingredient to our success. These distinguished companies work with us to bring you the best possible business and security improvement solutions.

Answers (Powercheck)

Answers is a leading provider of POS systems for the financial services industry. Powercheck transactions are linked to EyesOn video footage, allow customers to easily and efficiently retrieve the images from any POS transaction.

Bravo Store Systems (Bravo POS)

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Chosen Payments

We are excited to make you aware of a partnership that Eyeson has forged with Chosen Payments. Eyeson has partnered with Chosen Payments as a preferred provider for credit card processing services for all of our current and future clients. We searched far and wide for a partner who would put the needs of our clients before their own and feel Chosen Payments is that partner.

Dataage (Pawnmaster)

Data Age Business Systems is a leading provider of financial transaction software solutions. Money Service Businesses such as Pawn, Check Cashing, Payday Advance, Signature Loan and Title Loan lenders rely on Data Age’s robust Point of Sale offerings. The company’s product-line is integrated with many 3rd party systems that bring new levels of efficiencies and effectiveness to client operations. Whether you are a single store proprietor, or have a multi-store operation Data Age has solutions that range from simple to highly sophisticated offerings. Data Age’s value proposition not only helps customers cut costs, facilitate regulatory compliance, automate and streamline processes, they also guarantee new levels of protection and flexible decision support tools. Through Data Age our clients have quantifiable and qualitative tools to measure performance and to better understand the client’s customers.

Direct Capital

A leading provider of financing solutions for businesses nationwide, Direct Capital has special financing packages designed to get you in route to improving your business with EyesOn.

Edge POS

The EDGE is a comprehensive jewelry store management system designed specifically for independent retail jewelers. Dick Abbott, one of the developers of The EDGE, is the original architect of a widely acclaimed jewelry store management system that has been used by over 1100 stores since its creation in 1987. His original dBase program won wide acclaim for its ease of use, functionality and its meaningful management reports. The program has a reputation for having the best features in the industry for improving profits.

IAS Training

Brad Huisken founded IAS Training in 1996 to provide sales seminars and training to retail business owners. He is internationally known as a sales trainer, consultant, speaker, and writer. He has helped 100s of retailers develop highly efficient and dynamic sales teams throughout his career.

Initiative Consultants – The Performance Engineers

John Thedford, David Johns, and team of renown consultants are “mavericks” in creating highly effective multi-store operations based on strong recruiting, controls, and incentive programs, creating a team of winners in every store they work with. Over the past 30 years they have started multiple multimillion dollars store chains in the US.

JMT Company, Inc. (Pawnmanager)

JMT is the developer of Pawnmanager. A POS system for the pawn industry with 100s of installations in the US. Pawnmanager transactions are linked to EyesOn footage, bringing enhanced investigation capabilities to our common clients.


Loss prevention is critical to the success of any retail and hospitality organization, but can be very costly to be implemented for small and midsize businesses. LPI provides a full array of LP solutions to clients of all sizes all over the United States. LP services are the perfect complement to the EyesOn Virtual Manager.

Pawnshop Consulting Group

The Pawnshop Consulting Group lead by Jerry Whitehead has taken client after client over the years to greatly increase their financial performance and stores valuations. Jerry also provides consultation regarding mergers and acquisitions in the pawn business. His 30+ years of experience in working with pawnbrokers from all over the world gives him the credentials to be highly recognized in the pawn industry as a very effective business consultant.

Sapphire Protection, LLC

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RFID has become one of the most effective technologies in controlling inventory and assets. TJS RFID solutions fully integrate with EyesOn, allowing customers see every move of their inventory. It is a great tool towards achieving full accountability in your business.

Vertical (Compupawn)

CompuPawn is a value-added resource to our clients, orchestrating solutions by combining software, people, experience, innovation and a whole list of other features all focused on helping clients grow faster and achieve business objectives.

Xceldata (Superpawn and Xpawn)

XcelData is a provider for the following products and services:

  • Providers of POS Hardware & Software for the Pawn, Secondhand Dealer, and Jewelry Industries.
  • Automate Offsite \ Cloud data backup and restore solutions
  • Internet \ Employee security infrastructure and consulting services.
  • Custom Software Solutions, IPhone & Android APP design and implementation.

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