Are you tired of going down to the store to check on a false alarm?

Are you paying for unnecessary police visits to your stores?

Eyeson gives you the peace-of-mind that your stores will be properly monitored in real time, and the police will not be dispatched unnecessarily.

Our comprehensive security monitoring services meets the highest standards in real time security needs, and is delivered by a central monitoring facility with over 40 years of expertize in emergency response.

Our affordable services include:

Interactive Two-Way Voice Down:

Feel safe and protected with daily voice down checks and on demand guard patrols. Saw someone suspicious walking through the door? Simply press a button and a seasoned security professional will connect to your cameras and establish a two-way audio interaction with your staff.

Burglar Alarm Monitoring with Video Verification:

Our central monitoring station will respond to alarms and check your cameras to assess the need to dispatch police, or follow any security protocol specified by the customer.

Opening and Closing Escorts:

Statistically, the opening and closing times are the most vulnerable times of the day for an armed robbery and hold up. Call our central station before arriving or leaving the store. Our security responders will log to your cameras, make sure everything is secured and stay with you on the phone until you are safe in store during opening, or left with your after closing. On-demand escorts are also available. Simply call any time you need.

Interactive Video Monitoring:

Stop an intrusion before the thieves even get to your building. Through video analytics, our central station will detect loitering and suspicious behavior around your store, and respond by alerting intruder to leave the premises through powerful speakers placed outside your stores.

Service bundles are available for higher security with lower monitoring costs!

Unlike smaller and less sophisticated monitoring providers, Eyeson offers a large range of monitoring solutions, including:

  • Smoke & Fire Alarms Monitoring
  • Panic & Holdup
  • Medical Alerts
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Open & Close Reports
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Fluid Levels
  • Industrial Systems
  • Home Automation & Control
  • Telemetry
  • GPS Fleet Vehicle & Asset Tracking
  • GPS Lone Worker Assistance

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