Are you worried your cameras will fail when you need them the most?

How Can You Have Peace-of-Mind?

Have the peace-of-mind of knowing that we are watching your system and taking timely action when needed to protect your investment, and the evidence gathered.

This comprehensive support plan provides key service features geared to optimize the usage of your eyeson system at the minimum cost. Do the math...

Advance Replacement

In the event that any piece of hardware fails to operate, for example: DVR or Camera, a replacement loaner item will be provided to you for your use until your repaired item is returned. Only shipping charges, onsite technician service call, and repairs not covered under warranty, flood, lightning, etc… will be billed. (Rental of Server without @ease is charged at the rate of US$50.00 per week, minimum 2 wks, plus shipping & handling.)

On Demand Phone and On-Line Support

On demand unlimited assistance and support for any variety of requests, including:

Re-training of use system, How to restart system in the event of a Move, How to Burn a CD, How to Investigate an event, Speaking to your local internet provider to help reestablish remote connection.

In essence eyeson personnel will be available for any and all questions related to the operation and use of your system. (Technical Support without @ease may be charged at the rate of US$95 per hour or fraction. )

On Demand Remote Troubleshooting

As you may not have someone to speak with or you would prefer that we handle all trouble shooting, eyeson will install software that will enable us to remotely access your DVR. And on your request we will access your DVR, identify the issue, and take any corrective action deemed necessary. (Technical Support without @ease may be charged at the rate of US$95 per hour or fraction. )

Software Upgrades

Eyeson is constantly seeking to push the envelope in technology and we are consistently working on improving our functionality and reach. As new developments are completed, we will automatically provide you with them at no charge. (Estimated yearly cost of upgrading your system without @ease is: US$400.00 per DVR)

Daily to Weekly System Verification (You Choose How Often You Want Your System Checked)

As frequently as you choose, Mon-Fri, an Eyeson tech will log into your system and make an assessment of the image quality, identifying changes in focus or obstructions by signs and other items that may be blocking the camera views.
If any problem is detected during these checks, the Eyeson tech will take remote corrective action and contact you in case local intervention is required. Each event individually costs US$5.00 per DVR.

Monthly Summary Report

A monthly summary report of all events and actions taken by our techs will be sent to you for review. This will allow you to have adequate historical records of your system performance.

System Status Notification and Proactive Troubleshooting (Keep Murphy’s Law Away From Your Business!)

Eyeson System Health Status – You will receive email notification in the event system health issues are detected, such as remote access is lost, a camera loses video signal, or a recording outage occurs. This feature costs $1 per day, per DVR.

Eyeson Tech System Health Monitoring - With this feature you can always be at ease knowing that our tech team will be monitoring your system health alerts. On occasion someone may inadvertently or deliberately disconnect a camera, recorder, or Internet line. Our tech team will receive notifications from the system in case of any irregularity, and will be taking corrective actions. Whenever a problem is identified, all remote troubleshooting will be done at that time, and if any action is required by a local technician, our techs will contact you to schedule a visit with your local service provider. If you prefer, Eyeson will locate a service provider in your area to assist you. Our techs will monitor the work of the local technician for you, making sure all work is completed properly and your system is fully functional. **NOTE: on-site visit fees will be applicable. (Monthly cost of Eyeson Tech System Health Monitoring when purchased without @ease is US$30 per DVR).

Typical monthly cost of @ease Complete Care for a 16 camera system: US$75.00

Do the math. It pays to be @ease with Eyeson.

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